Sam Winchester in Meta Fiction

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My plan is to give a damn.

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Clay of the day


Clay of the day

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If you think the whole show is always about Sam and that Sam hasn’t been pushed aside over and over and over again, don’t even talk to me because maybe Sam has had the mytharcs but the entirety of the show is told from Dean’s POV and every single thing that has ever happened on the show has been looked at from the angle of how it has affected Dean. 

I love Dean’s mytharc, I think it’s really cool and I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen. But you can’t tell me that you don’t see that now that Dean has the mytharc AND the POV that Sam is literally just the background character that those of you who don’t understand how we’re feeling have always wanted him to be. Congrats. 

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Sam? Sam who? Sam is on show? Sam is a thing that exists? 

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Dean having to get his wedding ring re-sized because he’s broken his finger too many times and it’s on that hand and it’s too tight but he’s not willing to let the world forget who he belongs to and when he comes back with the shiny new band on his finger he grabs Sam by the hand and leads him to their room, telling him all the ways he wants Sam to help him break it in.

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a good buddy

Just a little detail worth pointing out: All forms of blood are inferior to living human blood for a vampire.  Benny hasn’t had living human blood in a LONG time.  He just bit into a living being but didn’t properly feed, and his adrenaline and bloodlust are jacked.  He’s accountable to no one down here, they don’t get out unless he shows them how, and Sammy boy here - this giant throbbing bundle of human blood - seriously fucked his life, his hometown, his only friend, and damned near got him and his kin killed.  And Benny doesn’t just restrain himself from attacking, which would have been impressive enough.  

His fangs retract.  

Good buddy indeed.

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